Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rhythm...it's a love/hate thing

I have read and know from my days as a preschool teacher that rythm is essential in the life of a toddler. I struggle with it. I rarely do things the same twice in any area of my life. I really never have. Of course going to school or work kept me in line somewhat but outside of that my days are sporadic. I dont really like it. I always have a voice in my head telling me that i need to get in a flow of how and when i do things. I need to wake, eat, dress, prepare meals, play, clean, bathe and sleep all at specified times so that i can relax into my life and so my children know what to expect out of their days. Why is it so hard for me? It feels so unnatural in many ways. I like to do whatever, whenever and i thrive on newness. Hmmmm. I have got to figure this out. My 3 and a half year old needs it. I need it. Some days I feel lost and i am sure she does too.

Ok.....(a few days later) the more i look at other's blogs and talk to other mama friends about this, the more i see that i do have some rhythm in our days. I do want more but its refreshing to know that the voice in my head is definitely type A- completely different from who i am AND a bit extreme. So, I need to give myself a bit of kuddos for our craft days, swimming days, family dinnertime with blessing ritual and bed time rituals.....it seems to be the beginning part of the day that i am extra slow and need a bit more structure in which to flow.

For now, it is late and i need to start enjoying the mornings more which means more sleep at night. Oh, but i love the nights. They are so hard to let go. Each and every one of them.

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mark johnston said...

I love that you are blogging again, rhythm is something I have always struggled with, my self-justification ways keeps me thinking, well if I dont want to do it, why do it in teh first place? Although I suppose there things that we feel obligated to do reasoning that they are constructive, its just getting over that hump till it becomes like second nature...Keep writing!

Sending you love.
your brother