Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sickness comes and sickness goes

It seems that with little ones I am all too often wondering if the runny nose is from a crying spout or if we are heading into yet another bout of some cold, flu or other virus that sucks the last drop of reserved sleep out from under us. My heart speeds up a few beats and I internally browse the herb cupboard and decide what i will dose them up with the second i see a wet nose or feel a slight rise in body temperature. It's not that I'm scared of sickness or that I think my sweet girls will be damaged permanently from a fever, I just see the long nights and the cranky days ahead and it sends warnings of the impending stress through my body gearing me up to become the ultimate super mom who is dedicated to curing all forms of imbalance with herbs, oils, teas and a lot of TLC!

But it does mean that the upcoming play-dates and music classes and outings that are oh so fun for mama are canceled pending further notice. It means more time at home away from the little time that mama gets to talk with other mamas and a lot more creative energy needed to keep us from going stir crazy in the meantime.

So, right now papa is putting the 3 year old to bed who has a slight runny nose and watery eyes. She drank down the second of the vitamin C, cold snap and Wellness Kids Formula concoction with a sweet smile as she is all too familiar and very brave to swallow and chew up the most bitter of herbs. Thank goodness for that cuz giving my kids herbs, syrups, acidophilus, fish oils, silver water, tea, rubbing their feet with Thieves oil or eucalyptus and lavender oils is one way i know how to care for them; its another way i can love them since I cannot just hand them over for nature to run its course. It's how i do my part to ensure that their little selves will be as strong and as comfortable as possible while still being in line with the natural world and allowing their systems to gain strength through all these little sickness in the early years.

So now I wait and see what the morning or night will bring. Will we be awoken by a cranky stuffy child every hour through the night or will she awake refreshed in the morning with kisses and smiles? I cross my fingers..........

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