Monday, April 11, 2011

my littlest little turns 2!

I am all choked up over here with satya turning 2! I looked thru my birth pictures and allowed all the feelings and sensations of that day to wash over me. I felt like i was in a haze today with all the memories of her birth. There are so many things i need to process about that time (but that's for another post).

Two years ago i became a mother of two. What a transition! I love having my two little girls. they are magical. life just keeps going and i want more time to simmer in these memories; in these days of chubby fingers and baby voices. I can't stand the idea that my girls won't always be little. So much of me wants to keep them mine and not have them grow up and into themselves.

Mothering is such a bittersweet process. It's hard to let go of the beautiful past and not wish with all my soul that i could touch that newborn face and smell that newborn body and listen to those little coos. I want more than the memories.

Well, at least she is just 2! Imagine my tears when they turn 16, 20, 30! I think i may have to have another just to prolong this whole growing up thing.

Well, here's to my strong birth, my first 2 years as a mother of 2 and to my beautiful, powerful, fiery, sweet satya amina! Happy birthday littlest!


Hybrid Rasta Mama said...

Oh mama! Isn't it just bittersweet? Aaliyah is 25 months old as of the 12th and it just kills me. I want to keep her little and mine. She is already branching out and finding her own way and it makes me proud but breaks my heart. Loooove all of the pictures. Happy Birthday little Satya!

Vio said...

Absolute yumminess! Happy Birthday Satya Amina! I adore you!!!!!Muah :)

Melissa said...

She is so beautiful, both of your girls are! Abby will be 7 next week. Now that doesn't seem right at all!!

Anonymous said...

aw... sweet little satya!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Satya, and you, Megan! I love your words, and your lovely blog, and these most recent, beautiful pictures from her birth and early baby days... so powerful. So glad you have a blog so I can peek in on your life! I can't believe our first babies are four years old, and now your Satya, the first of our little groups' second-borns, is already two! It can't be, but there it is... Quinn is almost 14 months and doesn't just walk now, he runs! Beautiful and scary. xo