Friday, February 19, 2010

Satya Amina, My Littlest Love

This angel that you see here moves my soul.
I look into her eyes and i fall so deeply that i can hardly get back up. She is so beyond her time that I am always shocked when i see her tiny, round bum in the mirror. My veins coarse in rhythm with hers.
Her skin, her lips, her breath, her coos are like liquid bliss.
I cannot get enough of her touch, her head against my chest.
Please god and goddess never let this end.
Imprint her baby self onto my body so that i may have her with me always.
Let her grow and be her larger-than-life self but keep her always near for i feel my heart breaking at the very thought of her distance.
The only thing that makes this love almost unbearable is the fact that she has a sister who melts my heart just as rapidly.