Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, I did not really fulfill all the things i set out to do. I’m not sure what my problem is. I did jumrope. I did not go to that class. And i have not found a tutor. I have emailed a bunch advertised and spoke with one lady whose schedule doesn’t work for me. So, I sort of did what I could but I wouldn’t say that I did my best.
I guess i have other things on my mind and Abel had a few days off for Carnival so I wasn’t thinking bout my stuff as much. I like to just hang out as a family when he’s around and so i don’t really accomplish much besides doing my daily chores as a mother and homemaker (which, is alot so I can’t say I’m too lazy).

I do stil feel inspired, just not rushed. It’s really hard for me to do anything on any type of timeline these days. With two small babes it just takes forever to get going and then something always comes up to slow me down, more. I have been taking the girls down to our pool several times a week now in the middle of the day so we can get our dose of vit D and i bring the jumprope so i can jump while Satya crawls around and Aiyana swims and then i can jump into the freezing water and cool off. It works out well but i have to stop now and again before i am out of breath to distract Satya from falling in the water or eating a chunk of dirt or dead bug.

So, i am really trying to rest in the fact that while my kids are little, not much is going to get done besides eating, sleeping, changing, bathing…..the basics. Because making sure we are all fed, washed and rested is enough to fill up a day with the occasional playdate, music class, grocery shop and of course daily play. I know some moms can do a bazillion things and work out, write books, blog, start a business and learn guitar but I am just not that kind of mom. I am too obsessed with every little detail that goes on in my home. I have realized that I am sort of a control freak about my children which is strange because i have never thought of myself as a control freak about anything.

I kind of wish that I was more of a freak about getting other things done but i am learning that I am simply not that person so it doesn’t really do much to wish away my life. I have to figure out what works for me and what the tricks are to keep me interested.
I’ve actually just lost interest in this post as am coming back to it after a few days…..isn’t it annoying?

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